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Top 10 Presentation Tips

Our Top 10 Tips For Success

1.  Ensure lawns are keep tidy and entrance way free from shoes and clutter.

2.  Arrange for pets to be secured easily prior to visitors arriving and any pet areas to be deodorised.

3.  Have a good look for spiders and those cock roaches - the are harmless but don't create good feelings for viewers.
4.  De-clutter!  Put all loose items on benches away and keep tables free from objects which creates a feeling of calm and space.
5.  Put the bathroom seat down and add an auto scented spray or potpourri to the room.
6.  Replace all the light bulbs which don't work.  Light any dark areas with a corner light.
7.  Make sure there is plenty of fresh air and all the curtains/blinds are wide open.
8.  In winter - light the fire or make the room a comfortable temperature throughout the home.
9.  In summer - have the sun umbrellas up on the deck.  Make sure all outdoor seating areas are inviting.
10.  Don’t hover around – it can make visitors feel uncomfortable.

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